The Reverse Engineering to Design Benchmark


The Reverse Engineering to Design Benchmark (RED-BM) has been created as part of the Traceability Forensics Project at the University of East Anglia School of Computing Science.

There are numerous tools and techniques that offer the ability to reverse engineer software source code back to higher-level conceptual and architectural designs. It is difficult to gauge these tools in relation to each other or identify paradigms in which one tool provides a better or worse output without a standard set of software targets to use (a benchmark to measure them against).


RED-BM is provided under the GNU FDL and all source code contained within, as well as tool outputs, is licensed in a manner allowing for free and open distribution. RED-BM is Copyright 2013 University of East Anglia and the individual software targets contained show their respective Copyrights in the source code.

RED-BM Contents

RED-BM contains Java source code from the following projects: ASCII Art Example A and B Cactus Eclipse JHotDraw * Libre Office

Tool output (project files and diagrams) are provided for the following tools: Astah Professional MagicDraw UML Professional Software Ideas Modeller Visual Paradigm BOUML Enterprise Architect Modelio StarUML ArgoUML IBM Rational Rhapsody IBM Rational Rose Umbrello

Download RED-BM (ZIP, 352MB)

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