The Software Engineering Group typically delivers the results of its research through articles and software tools. On this page you can find a listing of the tools the group has produced. If you would like to enquire about the tooling provided, please contact the group leader Joost Noppen (

The D-UEA-ST Platform


D-UEA-ST (pronounce: due east) stands for Decider-University of East Anglia-Software Toolkit. D-UEA-ST is a software platform developed by the School of Computing Science for developing data analysis and decision support tools for software development processes. D-UEA-ST provides a set of convenient interfaces and functionality for this purpose, such as natural language processing, data clustering and autonomous and parallel execution of code.

The functionality that D-UEA-ST provides can be used to create tools that support data analysis and decision making during software development. Examples of such tools can be reverse engineering of source code or the generation of class diagram skeletons from natural language requirements. D-UEA-ST also provides the opportunity for tools to perform their analysis in the background, drawing attention of the developers only when necessary, for example when consistency problems have been detected between the class diagrams and sequence diagrams describing a new software system being built.

Website: D-UEA-ST Site

The Reverse Engineering to Design Benchmark


The Reverse Engineering to Design Benchmark (RED-BM) has been created as part of the Traceability Forensics Project. There are numerous tools and techniques that offer the ability to reverse engineer software source code back to higher-level conceptual and architectural designs. It is difficult to gauge these tools in relation to each other or identify paradigms in which one tool provides a better or worse output without a standard set of software targets to use (a benchmark to measure them against).

Website: RED-BM Website

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